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With over 100 years in business, Miami Customs Brokers, H.W. St John & Company has become the #1 leader in logistics solutions. Founded in 1902 International freight forwarders, H.W. St John & Company has worked with the some of the country’s elite corporations such as:

• Gillette Safety Razor
• Del Monte Canned Foods
• Cadillac
• Major League Baseball
• Oldsmobile
• Eastman Kodak
• Mercedes Benz

If you are a first time importer or exporter in Miami, Don’t Fret we are here to take the fright out of Freight! H.W. St John offers door to door freight and clearance, and a total logistics package no matter what port you are importing your products from.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Servicing All USA Ports” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center”][vc_icon icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-globe” size=”lg” align=”center” css_animation=”top-to-bottom”][vc_column_text]As one of the largest & best Miami Importers & Exporters, H.W. St. John & Company prides themselves on the commodities that they have cleared through port of Miami including watches, API shipments, clothing, medical machinery, civil aircraft parts, and much more.

Are you looking for a Miami importing and exporting company that has years of experience handling international trade? Look no further than Miami customs brokers, H.W. St. John! This reputable team understands the complexities of the industry, ensuring your shipments are cleared quickly with minimal hassle. With a commitment to providing personal service and competitive pricing, they have earned their place as one of South Florida’s preferred business partners!

Introducing H.W. St. John, Miami’s Top Customs Broker

Looking for a reliable customs broker in Miami? Look no further than H.W. St. John, the city’s top customs broker. With years of experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, H.W. St. John is the go-to choice for getting your goods through customs quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a frequent importer or you’re just starting out, H.W. St. John has the expertise and the resources to make sure your shipments get processed with a minimum of delays and hassles. So why wait? Contact H.W. St. John today and start taking the stress out of your importing experiences.

An Overview of the Services and Expertise Offered by H.W. St. John

H.W. St. John is a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike.

Types of Imports and Exports Handled by H.W. St. John

H.W. St. John is a renowned name in the business of imports and exports. The range of products that they handle is diverse and extensive. From food and beverages to pets and clothing, they are equipped to handle all kinds of imports and exports. Their team of experts has an in-depth knowledge of the international market and they know how to navigate through the complex rules and regulations of trade. H.W. St. John not only offers efficient handling of goods but also provides personalized services, ensuring the satisfaction of their clients. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted name in the industry.

How to Choose the Right Miami Customs Broker – Tips from H.W St John

When it comes to importing goods into Miami, choosing the right customs broker can be the difference between a smooth process and a logistical nightmare. Fortunately, H.W St John’s extensive experience as a customs broker provides valuable tips for selecting the right professional for the job. Firstly, consider their knowledge of the industry and their ability to navigate the complex regulations surrounding imports. Secondly, take into account their level of experience and the types of goods they have successfully imported in the past. Finally, communication is key – ensure they are responsive and easy to communicate with throughout the process. With these tips in mind, finding the right customs broker for your Miami import needs should be a breeze.

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Our multiple licensed customs brokers & freight forwarders is proud of it’s customers and professional staff and look forward to another 100 years of service to its clientele.