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Yes, H.W. St. John & Co can clear your shipments anywhere in the United States. To do this we must have the commercial invoice and the truckers contact information in advance so we can coordinate the necessary information with the designated trucker. The trucking company will help us set up PARS (Pre Arrival Release System) for any shipment that is going from the United States into Canada or PAPS aka Shipment Control Number (Pre Arriving Processing System) for shipments coming into the United States.

An importer number is usually the Internal Revenue Service IRS number that is assigned to the business. If no IRS employer identification number has been assigned you may use your social security number for any paperwork that might require an importer number. If neither of the above numbers is assigned we can file on your behalf a CBP form 5106.

Any shipment that is either formal or informal is subject to the Merchandise Processing Fee. Formal entries are for shipments that have a Commercial Value of $2,500 or more with a few exceptions valued at $250.00. The MPF for merchandise that is formally entered or released is subject to an Ad Valorem Fee of .3464 percent. This is based upon the value of the merchandise that is being imported, excluding the duty, freight and insurance. The MPF shall not exceed $485 and should not be less than $25. The MPF for Informal shipments ranges from $5.00 to $9.00 per shipment.

Customs bonds are required for all formal entries that enter the U.S. Territory. The determination of the bond is the value of the shipment and the cost of the duty import into the U.S. Another determining factor to the value of the Customs bond is if any commodity that enters the U.S. needs any of the following agencies (CDC, USDA, FDA, Fish & Wildlife etc…) would require 3 times the value of the entered value.

Yes, in order to meet Customs guidelines you must notify your broker so we can up-date your information with Customs. If your information is not up-dated with Customs, it could cause a delay in the Customs clearance process.

Fuel surcharges are imposed by most of the airlines. Fuel surcharge are always subject to change based on any increase in oil prices.

Security surcharge was imposed by all the airlines for extra security measures that the Transportation System Administration established after 9/11