The following 10 data elements are required from the importer:

10 + 2

  • Seller: Full name and address of the entity by whom the commodities are sold or agreed to be sold.
  • Buyer (Owner): Full name and address of the entity to whom the commodities are sold or agreed to be sold.
  • Importer of Record number/FTZ Application number: Entity liable for payment of duties and taxes.
  • Consignee number: IRS number, EIN, Social Security number or Customs assigned importer number.
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Full name and address of the last company that manufactures, assembles, produces or grows the commodity.
  • Ship to party: Full name and address of receiving party after Customs release.
  • Country of Origin: Country where the commodity was manufacture, produced or grown.
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule number: The first 6-8 digits of the tariff number in which the goods are classified under.
  • Container Stuffing location/s: Full name and address where goods were physically loaded into the container.
  • Consolidator (Stuffer): Full name and address of the party who stuffed the container.

From the carrier, 2 data elements are required:

  • Vessel stow plan
  • Container status messages

Who is responsible for filing ISF?

The importer is responsible for filing the first 10 data element in a timely, precise and complete manner, whereas the steamship line is responsible for the other 2 elements within 24 hours prior to arrival at the port of discharge. H.W. St. John & Co. has the capabilities to file the Importer Security Filing (ISF) on behalf of our customers. Please contact one of the ocean representatives for further details on ISF filing.

Bonds and Penalties

If an importer currently had a continuous bond on file with Customs, you will not be required to post a separate bond. If you are a first time importer and do not have a bond on file you will be required by U.S. Customs to post a bond to secure the timely, precise and complete ISF data. Please contact H.W. St. John & Company to apply for a continuous bond if you currently to do not have one.

If the importer does not submit the ISF filing to Customs 24 hours prior to arrival at the port of discharge, Customs can assess liquidated damaged up to $5,000.00. The holder of the bond will be subject to the liquidated damages. Mitigation of these penalties will be taken into account, as well as, if you are C-TPAT certified.