What Is RLF and how can it benefit your company?

Remote Location Filing (RLF) is a fairly new program created by Customs as one of the “Customs Mod Act” enacted in 1993. It allows for entry types 01 and 11 (informal) to be electronically filed and cleared in ports other than where we are domiciled. Participants in this program can experience and reap the benefits which ultimately can lead to reduced overall costs.


• Quicker and more consistent cargo processing
• Pivotal role in compliance with Customs
• Simplifies the record keeping process with Customs
• Allows for reduced cycle times
• Minimizes clearance time through Customs
• Allows importers to use one broker nationwide

As an approved broker H.W. St. John & Co. can transmit electronic entry data via the Automated Broker Interface(ABI) to ports with RLF capabilities. The transaction for RLF entries may require an electronic invoice when requested by Customs. As soon as the entry is transmitted and released from Customs and other Government agencies it is one its way to the customer. Basically our customers will have immediate delivery of their cargo no matter where you are.

One key component in RLF entries is that the Importer of Record must have a continuous bond on file with Customs in order for clearance.