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Customs Brokers, H.W. St. John & Co

New York Freight Forwarders, H.W. St. John was founded in 1902 and is fully licensed, insured. We can Remote File (RLF) formal and informal entries to anywhere in the United States other than where we are domiciled.

Can you clear our shipments via Remote Location Filing (RLF)?

Yes, H.W. St. John & Co can clear your shipments anywhere in the United States. Long Island, New Jersey, New York, Miami, Houston, Louisiana, Long Beach, New Orleans, Beaumont, Mobile Alabama, Savannah Georgia, Tampa, Lake Charles Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland, Texas City, Port Arthur, Texas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Seattle, Tacoma.. To do this we must have the commercial invoice and the truckers contact information in advance so we can coordinate the necessary information with the designated trucker. The trucking company will help us set up PARS (Pre Arrival Release System) for any shipment that is going from the United States into Canada or PAPS aka Shipment Control Number (Pre Arriving Processing System) for shipments coming into the United States.

Our Mission

Established in 1902, the mission of HW St. John & Company, is to provide compliant U.S. Customs clearance and international forwarding services to our clients. We succeed by staffing passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced people who care about the success and growth of our clients. We collaborate with hand-picked partners overseas to provide cost-effective, responsive, and seamless door-to-door services. In today’s complex and competitive environment, service is our highest goal.

Our Vision

H.W. St. John’s goal is simple, to be your first choice in selecting a U.S. customs brokers to clear international freight entering into any port across the U.S. Strategically located at JFK International Airport. Freight Forwarders, H.W. St. John are able to expedite your brokerage and port clearance no matter where you are located through our personalized services. Full service customs brokers, will help you with all your cargo needs.

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An importer number is usually the Internal Revenue Service IRS number that is assigned to the business. If no IRS employer identification number has been assigned you may use your social security number for any paperwork that might require an importer number. If neither of the above numbers is assigned we can file on your behalf a CBP form 5106.

Any shipment that is either formal or informal is subject to the Merchandise Processing Fee. Formal entries are for shipments that have a Commercial Value of $2,500 or more with a few exceptions valued at $250.00. The MPF for merchandise that is formally entered or released is subject to an Ad Valorem Fee of .3464 percent. This is based upon the value of the merchandise that is being imported, excluding the duty, freight and insurance. The MPF shall not exceed $485 and should not be less than $25. The MPF for Informal shipments ranges from $31.67 to $614.35 per shipment.

Customs bonds are required for all formal entries that enter the U.S. Territory. The determination of the bond is the value of the shipment and the cost of the duty import into the U.S. Another determining factor to the value of the Customs bond is if any commodity that enters the U.S. needs any of the following agencies (CDC, USDA, FDA, Fish & Wildlife etc…) would require 3 times the value of the entered value.

Yes, in order to meet Customs guidelines you must notify your broker so we can up-date your information with Customs. If your information is not up-dated with Customs, it could cause a delay in the Customs clearance process.

Fuel surcharges are imposed by most of the airlines. Fuel surcharge are always subject to change based on any increase in oil prices.

Security surcharge was imposed by all the airlines for extra security measures that the Transportation System Administration established after 9/11

H.W.St. John provides

expedited clearance services on an extensive range of products such as pharmaceuticals, wearing apparel, perishables and much more.

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Thank you for all the assistance. This was a new experience for me, so I was relying heavily on your experience and you came through like champs! Of which I never doubted.

Sharon Millard
Graphene Laboratories, Inc.

H.W. St. John is a great company that handles my run of the mill importing/exporting as well as the unique, last minute, time sensitive shipping. Their service makes you feel more like a family member than a client. Combined with ...

Dan Sasson

Kristin made all the necessary arrangements to have the delivery shipped to my doorstep and at a fraction of the cost, while alleviating any stress I may have had about coordinating payment with the various companies ...

J. Magner (NJ)

So happy to have hired them! It was my first time importing goods and Cleveland, Jenna and the rest of the team made everything so efficient. Will definitely use their service for my next import!

Franco Hernandez

Leanna Patisso at H. W. St. John is one of the best customs brokers I have ever worked with in the last 30 years. She processes each of our import shipments expeditiously and without error. I recommend working with Leanna and H. W. St. John.

Stacey Hansett

Our company has used H. W. St. John for freight forwarding for many years. Their services are outstanding - great communication, straightforward and importing completed on time. In particular, we have interacted with Ann Singh, and her customer service has been exemplary.

Richard Curtis

We’ve been with HW St John since 1980 and have relied on them for all of our imported freight. Leanna goes above and beyond to make sure we know exactly where our goods are at all times.

Paul Fetkowitz