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How long ago was 1902? There are many people who are still with us that are older than 106 years old. Looking through their eyes this is what they would have seen:

• US Population grew from 25 million to 300 million
• Automobiles grew from 8000 cars to 217 million
• Average life expectancy stretched form 47 years old to 76 years old
• Las Vegas grew from 30 people in 1902 to 478,474 residents today
• Average wage increase from 22 cents/hour to $15.45/hour

In addition to the events above, the following companies started up in the year 1902:

• Gillette Safety Razor
• Del Monte Canned Foods
• Cadillac
• Major League Baseball
• Oldsmobile
• Eastman Kodak
• Mercedes Benz

That’s some pretty exclusive companies. Not many companies can celebrate over 100 years in the business. It takes a dedication to innovation and customer service. Throughout the twentieth century H.W. St. John has proven its leadership in the market by providing the importer and exporter original solutions to their trade quandary. H.W. St John is proud of its customers and staff and look forward to another 100 years of service to its clientele. Put our vast resources and rich history to work for you and your company. Whether your future holds domestic or international trade, H.W. St. John will be there because outstanding customer service never goes out of style.

• Long Island
• New York
• New Jersey
• US
• Customs Clearance

H.W. St. John Staff:

President, LCHB: Kristin Hanel
Compliance Specialist, LCHB Meeran Chang
Senior Entry Writer Kelly Kim
Compliance Department, LCHB:  Valerie Caulfield
Compliance Department, LCHB:  Kathy Gallogly
Import Coordinator: Ann Singh
Import Specialist: Leanna Patisso
Export Manager: Speranza Chodak
Export Expeditor: Daniel Rodriguez
Accounting Christine Hill
Accounting Wanda Mooney
Associate Christopher Ketcham