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“Thank you for all the assistance. This was a new experience for me, so I was relying heavily on your experience and you came through like champs! Of which I never doubted

-Sharon Millard (Graphene Laboratories, Inc.)

“My friend traveling from Brazil to Tokyo accidentally had two packages detained at JFK airport. To save him from flying back to NY I offered to help. I knew I would need a customs broker. After checking numerous brokerage companies on the Internet I chose H.W.St John & Company.  I really had no idea how or what to do to find the packages. The H.W. St. John representatives I worked with were exceptionally helpful. They took the third-hand information fragments I had and quickly found both packages and got them on their way to Tokyo. This is an excellent company; the representatives I worked with were very professional and extremely accommodating. I would use this company again if I had a similar problem.”

-Jimmy McNeil

Luxury Watches by Maurice Lacroix, a brand of DKSH

“Our experience with the H.W. St. John brokering team was simply superb. They took care of our every need immediately and guided us through the process step by step. We could not have asked for a more responsive, effective, and efficient team at H.W. St. John and we highly recommend them to any other companies looking to import shipments quickly and efficiently”

-DKSH Luxury & Lifestyle North America Inc

“H.W. St. John is a great company that handles my run of the mill importing/exporting as well as the unique, last minute, time sensitive shipping. They’re always friendly and they never hesitate to go the extra mile. Their service makes you feel more like a family member than a client. Combined with excellent pricing they are the only broker I use. Thanks again guys!”

“Great service, quick response, professional service, Thank you! ”

– Dan Sasson 

“This is a short review of Kristin Hanel, who is a Licensed Customs Broker, and her firm: H.W. St. John & Company (292 N. Central Ave., Valley Stream, NY 11580). I have had the pleasure of working with Kristin, and Richard, who helped me with the import and delivery process for my hunting trophies from Africa. From dealing with the taxidermist and their shipping agents (in Africa), to dealing with the Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection) and the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kristin has streamlined the process and made the experience seem almost effortless. Kristin and her agency have not just treated me as just another customer or product, but acted as if they had a personal stake in the process of receiving and processing my shipment. Kristin has also gone above and beyond, acting as my advocate with the airlines to reduced my storage costs, do to unforeseen delays in the clearing process (bureaucratic red tape).

Additionally, Kristin made all the necessary arrangements to have the delivery shipped to my doorstep and at a fraction of the cost, while alleviating any stress I may have had about coordinating payment with the various companies and government agencies involved in the process. Kristin made sure she took the time out of, what I could perceive to be, a very busy and hectic schedule and work day to keep me updated and informed throughout the process. This sometimes meant communicating with me multiple times in a day. Her involvement included correspondence with businesses abroad, and coordinating the effort to have my trophies shipped and cleared, with the added pressures of a permit deadline.I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with Kristin and her firm, and feel that I am the better for it.

Anyone, particularly international hunters, should feel at ease when choosing H.W. St. John & Company, and should enlist the assistance and aide of Kristin Hanel.”.

– J. Magner (NJ)

” Your availability and expertise were invaluable today. Much appreciated.”