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A New York freight forwarder is a vital part of the international trade community since so much freight is imported and exported to and from the New York Metropolitan area. A freight forwarder facilitates the movement of freight across the country and the world. H.W. St. John & Company offers a wide range of services in this respect as a licensed New York freight forwarder. H.W. St. John can arrange for your freight to be moved from any location worldwide, no matter how remote.

If your freight is time sensitive, seasonal, or perishable, H.W. St. John will handle your freight with the utmost care to see that it arrives at its destination in a timely fashion, whether it is being imported into the U.S. or exported to a foreign country. We are very knowledgeable and experienced in the new rulings regarding Transportation Security Administration in the matter of all exportations out of the U.S. and comply with the utmost of diligence.

In addition we also comply with the new rulings for AES (U.S. Census Bureau) in filing of any export shipment with a value over $2,500. Our staff will handle any shipment with the extreme care and track it until it arrives to the final destination. H.W. St. John has a wide range of agents abroad to accommodate any foreign clearance and delivery if necessary. We also have a warehouse close to JFK International Airport to store any receiving cargo that may need to be consolidated or stored.

In addition to being a New York customs broker, H.W. St. John & Company can also provide customs clearance for your freight which is an advantage for the importer. Having the freight handled from time of pick up in the foreign port all the way through the customs clearance process can help cut down on delays.