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In the field of international trade, brokerage and customs clearanceis an integral part of the import process.  It is important that an importing company finds a customs broker to fit their needs.  The customs broker is the direct intermediary between the importer and U.S. Customs as well as the many other agencies which get involved in the import process.  They are the ones who can help to make the brokerage and customs clearance process as smooth and seamless as possible without getting bogged down in the many different agencies involved in the import process.
H.W. St. John & Co. is licensed to perform brokerage and customs clearance services throughout the United States.  We offer unique and personalized services to our customers.  We have a small but dedicated staff to handle all aspects of air and ocean imports into the United States.  Brokerage and customs clearance can be a tedious and complicated process to navigate through.  H. W. St. John & Co. has been in business for over 100 years providing expert services to the trade community.  Our knowledgeable staff is always available and never too busy to answer and explain to the importer any questions or concerns they may have.  The import process can be a fairly uncomplicated if you have the support of a customs broker, like H.W. St. John, to take you through the process.