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3 Tips In Hiring The Right Customs Broker
BenjaminMarc February 7, 2021 No Comments

When searching for anything online our first instinct is to be skeptical. When beginning a business relationship we want to dive right in with a company that checks off all right the boxes. It’s only after we get burned on a business transaction that we remember to do more due diligence for the next time. In this day in age it is very easy to research who you are doing business with. Are they reputable? How long have they been in business? Are they licensed & insured? These are the basic questions that most company’s will display on their websites. So maybe we need to research a little further. Here are 3 tips in hiring the right customs broker.

1-Social media presence. Some would say that social media is just as important as having a website these days. Providing daily information used to be displayed only on a company website. Now that social media has accelerated and it only takes minutes to  post, website owners are more advantageous to do this over their websites. Check to see if the customs broker has social media platforms.

2-Website. The next research tip would be to look over the company website. Go through page by page and read the content to see if it sounds credible. Look for company history, staff, and informational web pages. If you need to consult a web design agency to help with this that is an option as well.

3- Reviews. This is a major one. Having real reviews is a key element to being a well sought out agency. We say “real” due to the fact that certain companies can trick you into reading fake reviews. Anyone can hire a web design or SEO company to post fake reviews on the company website. Go to any search engine and look up the company name and look for reviews online. Google & Yelp are two very good sources for online reviews. They both have a no nonsense policy for fake reviews.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips in hiring the right customs broker and feel free to contact us.

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