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Award For Customs Broker on Long Island

With over 100 years in business it is still nice to be noticed for professionalism and work ethic. Our team has worked consistently throughout the years bringing our customers service and satisfaction. From importing and exporting, customs clearance to remote location filing, we do it all! Ranked number one in customer relations and a leading provider of logistics solutions. Being a customs broker for this long we have grown with leaps and bounds within the industry. Our team is trained, skilled and will handle any task thrown our way.  We pride ourself on being fast, efficient and most of all effective with every transaction. Winning a Connectli.com Award For Customs Broker on Long Island is another milestone for H.W. St. John & Company.

H.W. St. John & Company Wins Connectli.com Award For Customs Broker on Long Island

“H.W. St. John & Company is a pioneer in the importing and exporting industry. We came on as their web design agency over 10 years ago and although they were a powerhouse in the industry back then, they have continued to grow till this day. H.W. St. John emulates excellence, professionalism and pays attention to every detail. I’ve worked closely with Kristin Hanel, President of H.W. St. John and I know how important every detail is to her and this company. It’s no wonder to me how they won this award and many other great accolades and reviews throughout the years, Congratulations!”. Comments Benjamin Marc CEO, Anthony Savino. 

H.W. St. John has been listed on the Long Island business directory, Connectli.com for over 10 years now. Receiving awards, testimonials, and reviews from customers and colleagues let’s you know that you are doing your job correctly. We hope to continue on for another 100 years providing the best service possible.

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Award For Customs Broker on Long Island

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