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Port clearance within the 50 States and Canada is and has been H.W. ST John’s specialty for the last 100 years.  Having the ability to remote file allows us to clear freight from the port of New York to freight arriving on the West Coast and even into Hawaii.  Clearing in other ports requires us to be able to send electronically the flight and arrival information on all inbound shipments that arrive via either by air or ocean.  The procedures for clearing ocean shipments are the same as for air.  Besides the arrival information, an electronic commercial invoice is created and sent to Customs at that given port via an AII transmission. 

Our program, allows us to always be in touch with a Customs Inspectors at any given time just as if the freight had arrived into the port of New York.  There are no circumstances that arise that cannot be taken care of in a timely manner.  This equates to freight that has arrived into a different U.S. Port.  Air and Ocean shipments can be cleared at any Port and delivered to any final destination with one click of a computer key.