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In doing so, we previously provided information regarding the Executive Order, signed by President Barack Obama on February 19, 2014, regarding the International Trade Data System.  We examined the outline of the executive order, as well as some of the advantages of plan, stating the ITDS was to be implemented in effort to eliminate paper forms and replace the current process with one that is based on a new electronic filing system.  It is believed that the ITDS will cut back on the number of errors, loopholes, and steps, drastically reduce processing time, and therefore increase productivity and stimulate the economy.
H.W. St. John & Co. is also committed to analyzing issues from various angles and providing our clients with all of the information.  At face-value, this Executive Order sounds very appealing and advantageous.  However, it is guaranteed to create many problems and have catastrophic effects on countless Americans.

System Problems – Technology-based systems are always accompanied by bugs, flaws, and pitfalls in their programming, alone, including errors, corruptions, and of course, the inevitable system-crash.  Electronic systems and programs like the ITDS open doors for lost documents, security breaches, and a very serious increase of inadequate or insufficient reviews.  Since the ITDS will be electronic, it eliminates manual review, drastically increasing the margin of overlooking safety and security matters.

Job Security – While companies and individuals who seek to import or export goods appear to benefit from this new order and the ITDS, it is guaranteed to have a horrible impact on hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans.  Anytime a technology-based system or computerized program is implemented, it eliminates the need for manpower.  An alarming number of Americans who are a part of the processing and approval procedure will lose employment, as they are being replaced by a computer program.  In addition, this Executive Order and the International Trade Data System will directly impact small and middle-sized business in the import/export industry.  In fact, the effects will be undeniably atrocious, as they will not be needed, forcing a devastating number of them to close and leaving their employees jobless.

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